1. VE (Victory Enterprises) creates your campaign's unique Voter Neighbor website.
  2. You supply VE with your voter file or targeted list of voters whom you want to persuade through Voter Neighbor.
  3. Through your specific Voter Neighbor website, your campaign administrator provides supporters each with a unique user name and password so they may access Voter Neighbor.
  4. Using various query options, campaign supporters find people they know and select those people to receive a postcard. The people selected, or "tagged", might include family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.
  5. Your supporters personalize each postcard by choosing one of six campaign provided messages that will best persuade each recipient. Additionally, with Voter Neighbor's capabilities, your supporters may personalize the salutation on each postcard. For example, if the supporter has chosen his or her uncle Frank, and everyone calls him "Big Frank", the supporter may personalize the salutation to say "Big Frank" instead of his name that is currently listed. Supporters are also able to update or add phone numbers and email addresses for the people whom they identify.
  6. Your campaign and VE work together to create a static full color image for the front of the postcard.
  7. Your campaign determines when you want to send the postcards. VE prints the personalized postcards, applies first class postage, and ships them via UPS directly to the campaign. All your campaign then needs to do is drop the postcards at the local post office.
  8. At any time during the process, Voter Neighbor enables your campaign to track the number of supporters using the system, as well as supporters' mailing lists.
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